Birchfield Jazz Creative Ensemble

Birchfield Jazz Creative Ensemble

About this Artist

The BJF Creative Ensemble has been set up to provide an alternative learning ground for young Birmingham based artists, which is cross arts, cross genre and performance based and draws on Yoruba Arts and Culture as a stimulus.

It will offer the young artists an opportunity to: learn about one another’s work, collaborate – virtually – with one another and create their own work.

BJFCE is linked to the Birchfield Jazz Festival, in order to bring young talent into the area and celebrate the young talent that originates here. We hope to present a live performance by BJFCE later in 2020.

This year we feature 2 Visual Artists and 7 musicians:

Dotta Beats, David Cefai, Xhosa Cole, Nathan England Jones, Shiyi Lyi, Maja Pluta, Reuben Reynolds, Gifted T, Tom Tyrrell.

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